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Thursday, June 25, 2009

sisa2 hidup b4 furthering the journey!!!

there are bout 10 dayz more..
lots of things dont conplete juz yet
especially regarding the documents
physically over all is not ready yet
still dont feel enough to rest at home
mentally is much better since i'm quite feel excited to do what i used to do
a bit dizzy as many things to complete n need to do follow up..all those things make me so in 'dead'
dont know what else to write
got no idea
since evening makes me feel so sleepy, though!!
i have sumthing in mind to talk bout myself as what Mr.Sam has told me,sumthing more to philosophy ..juz hav no idea right now
lets talk bout BEN,TESL and COUNSELLING
which one is better then the other????
can i say i love all of it
interview 4 edu was not so bad but a bit i felt quite bad
dont know what actually i hav told to the interviewer,maybe it's hard to convince people that we are good, of course i'm not good as a good person supposed to be good. as i remembered what mr.sam told me that we need to say that we are good, but i dont really hav that strenght to say that. sounds that i dont hav selfesteem. juz being a confident person in certain extent but not all the time huhu
p/s: those who read my blog,you are welcome to comment my 'grammar' if there is error or you got anything to say

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

arrgh once again!!!!!!!!!!

anybody please respone!!!


show me the right path of filling up the online ptptn form

i got stuck with it!!!


i hav tried thousands times...

dont know what is the problem..

does anybody get the same prob like me??

my followers please respone??

Saturday, June 13, 2009

arrrg!! bengang!!

can somebody help me to fill up online ptptn form????


i have tried it several times OK!!

still can't contract as relief teacher is over

gonna miss my students

i love them all!!

see you again!!

wish you guys best of luck!!!