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Friday, January 25, 2013


almost 2weeks sakit..xdpt enjoy cuti..1week left, sihat la ,nk stdy ;(

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Selangkah kehadapan dlm bidang ini..

ddk rmh lama2 rindu nk mkn kt kedai arab kt uia..thus, i tried out this recipe hohoho

udang sambal bersama petai. dish for family ngeee

Friday, January 18, 2013

Crispy nestum nyum nyum nyum

Let me begin this entry by showing this pic!

Nyum Nyum Nyum Crazy Crispy!

To anak dara: You should try this one to fascinate your future mak mertua hahaha

      blend together NESTUM,  MILK POWDERsusu bdk kecik pun blh, SUGAR
      (measurement: ikut suke hati mak long korg je)
#Popia Pastry needs to be cut into squares or any shapes you like (star, bird, train, klcc)
then, you have to fry the cut pastry on very low heat. make it slightly brown about 20seconds deep frying.
then you coat it with the coating

hahahaha easy maaaa!

Mak: Ok, raya nnt wat
Abah: Sedap, nape wat percubaan
Adik: Ape ni????

Chef shares

O you people! are you female? having a long holiday? no interesting thing to do? your age is quarter of a century?

the best thing you should do for now is to COOK!

let me share with you 1 recipe that you can cook for your future husband in one year and half :p

Popia with Currrypuff filling!
very the easy maaa

  1. boil diced potatoes for about 15mins in ready-hot water
  2. blend 2onions n 1garlic
  3. saute the blended ingredient then add half spoon of chili paste n a spoon of curry powder
  5. add potatoes n shirmp/chicken/sosej/anything you can find in your MOM's kitchen!
  6. then stir n it's ready!
  7. roll with PopiaSkin (popia pastry)
then fry it and serve it to your family first as a practice before you serve it to your MAkMertua and you get such expression that you will never forget until you have your third child!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wanna get activated

Alhamdulilah :) i'm home now. All exams from 2007 in CFS until 2013 in IIUM Main Campus are done!
Hoorrey!! Unbelievable hoho

Back to the title.
 I hope I will become an active type for this for this blog again. 
Will use this golden opportunity of free-3-week- holidays to do write up.
 Doodling, sketching and scribbling for no and specific reasons hahahaha what a leisure time! 

I start my day with an early breakfast due to the upgrading of my health condition huuu (get repentance). 
Do some beneficial activities that I may never wish to do like "making breakfast, sweeping the floor, feeding the chicken" as well as things I always want to do like "watching cartoons for the entire day!"

Just realized that this year is my 24th, according to my lineage, it is an appropriate age to get married. It seems to confirm the research done by Maizatul Nazirah (2012) where she gets married at the age of 24. The question is, should Maizatul Munira continue this tradition?? Why and Why not?? 
Okay, forget it! Just to be gedixx for awhile daaa

till next time! no crucial points to discuss


Thursday, January 3, 2013

What this blog has missed?


My birthday!
with full of surprises.. Thanks for everthing, friends!


Theather time!


Exam begins!

Teaching Writing Exam
Teaching Grammar
Teaching Literature

New Year is heading!!!

Surprisingly, i forget last year's resolution but i have tried my best to make this year more meaningful. Sometimes, we don't have to plan so carefully, it can happen just naturally.

It's okay if you forget your resolutions because we can always renew it when the new year comes! ^^

Welcome New Year! I will serve myself with full of commitment, InsyaAllah

Till Next Year.. Assalamualaikum 

Blog Post statistic 
2009: 30
2010: 102
2011: 115
2012: 20 "pencapaian yg xperlu dbangga kn"

#supposely posted on 31st Dec 2012