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Friday, February 27, 2009


BMW exam is tomorrow!!!
i still have nothing in my mind!!!
i am so worried about it!!!
CAM isn't so good!!!
juz get half of it!!!(alhamdulilah) :p
i'm so worried i don't want to %&*%@#$*
hate it!!!

ermmmm :(

ermmm :(

ermm :(

erm :(


final exam!!!


ISM2112 COMPUTER 1....24/2/2009






Tuesday, February 24, 2009

maiya n ikin 1st balik!!!

ermm sad love story

after been almost a sem with them n now they are gone..(having their cuti sem r)
we all are crying today huhu like a baby.. especially atin hahaha
maiya n ikin are the very 1st of my roommates that already find their way back home for this sem as they only have 2 do ira, but then for no valid reason , i dont know why, she still here until 4/3/2009..klu aku dh lama chaw :P

what i want to share here today is how a friend/s can change ourselves


now , almost 2 years i'm staying in hostel. 1st time i entered cfsiium pj was in 2007 n moved to nilai n now this is my final sem here,,insyallah..amin

why i;m telling u this is how do i have changed from not knowing anything what is independent to know a bit the literal n technical meaning of it..
friends, environment n everything around us meke we become more understand ourselves and realize the wrong things that we dont realize..

sometimes, of course, to the certain extent, friends somehow come together with unpleasant feeling ..sometimes we myampah sakit ati n mcm2 lg but that is life..

:p stop now need to revise IRK,lusa exam

Saturday, February 21, 2009

just silent...

this is about my not very first attempt to write poem.....
i love to learn literature,
i do..
of course..
but then i love linguistic more...

enjoy my poem guys!!!

just a silent love..
see it as it is not clear..
find it as it never exists..
love it as it never there..

to the world you may be a person..
but to the person like me..
you may be my world..
that is made for me..

love is like a piece of glass..
if i hold it tight, it breaks..
if i hold it loose, it falls..
i don't want to dream you too tight...
as i don't want you to fall out from my soul...

Friday, February 20, 2009

i'm going to.....

alhamdulilah i have successfully done online registration huhu
all i need to do is pass all subjects here and continue my journey in Gombak
new azam in gmbk are wake up early, more diligent to study and being hardworking...

eeee takut r plak final exam ni!!!!

Ya Allah please help me!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

back to hostel after...

i went back to pahang last jumaat.. i arrived at 10pm abah n adik waited me in termerloh terminal...then i entered ' the store' b4 it closed after a few minutes to buy 'important things'....the next day i went to hospital to see my mak ...she was quite suffering after the 'ubat bius's is really painful after having operation indeed,..thnks god after the 2nd day she's quite well...the 2nd night was my turn to look after her at night...that was my first experience staying at hospital for the whole night.quite scary huhu..but not really..i was chatting with the busy nurses there..looking them working... i discoverd somthing interesting...guess what...i found the very big 'cop' and 'book' in the counter, they'r using it to record patients' data... quite interesting..actually it is not easy to be a nurse, need a lot of patient or not patients will die after i went to nilai by metro bus my mum's allowed to go home n recuperate at home

Friday, February 6, 2009

my mak

i called abah at 9 , he said that my mak just entering operation room... i went to class as usual at 10 and having poem recitation presentation..i wasnt doing it well,i guess..then sent homework to mdm shamimah room..went back to hostel with ennie while eating ice cream...
waited for kak z went back to hostel with keropok and fish ball..ate...i sms-ed kak long regarding my mak n she said that mak still in operation room..i waited for her next 3 she replied that my mak's operation was over and she n abah n adik went to mak cu's house...i went out from hostel at 4 with annie n my tiket is at 8pm...hope everything is okay ..coz so many unexpected things happen that day....i didnt bring any book along coz i knew that i wont read it even i hav quiz on tuesday..will see what will happen...last word, thank god alhamdulilah.....

today's life

nothing interesting today..

went to class at 10 for cct n
comp class at 2,i thought there will be quiz but thanks god there wasnt quiz
... i laughed at GG coz she's lost while doing calc hahahah..serve her i want to tell the world that GG didnt off her shoe in lab today..after class is over she realized that she didnt off her shoe and we laughed ...i hav submitted my 2nd assignment for comp..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

bdk A1-2 CFS IIUM (MUSA)

Kpd korang2 semua..ape case bising2 sbb aku x tulis name korg kt blog cute aku ni…ni skrg aku nk tulis r ni…

katil pertama sekali PUTRI NUR yg bakal g turki, gud luck ye,jgn lupa bawa balik pasir ke batu ke dr gunung 2 nnt yerk

Kpd korang2 semua..ape case bising2 sbb aku x tulis name korg kt blog cute aku ni…ni skrg aku nk tulis r ni…

next atas katil aku..kak mira, klu rasa tido x nk gune bantal,jgn segan2 bg kt sy yerk…

sebelah katil aku…sitimun@moona shahirah…org yg dh bersama ku selama 3 sem kt nilai ni,dh aku anggap sbg nenek angkat…

atas katil moon,bdk junior br msk name nyer maiya..orgnyer baik,aku suke suruh die buang polistrine haha…

sebelah katil moon,kak mimi..pun dh 3 sem dgn aku..dh aku anggap sbg tok yang yg suke ttinggal kunci loker dlm loker yg dh tkunci,n aku dh hmpir mwarisi tabiatnyer…

atas katil kak mimi bdk junior name ikin..bkn ikin mawi ye..klu mandi berjam2 so dh ade org pecah record aku r skrg ni dlm bilik ni

next katil is my pun dh 3 sem tengok muke aku ….makan dgn penuh tertib..comel..

atas katilnyer bdk junior namenyer putri..die ni suke tengok cite korea and kuat mkn,klu die x mkn die x blh bangun hahaah..

next is zara,die pun dh 3 sem ddk dgn aku..pendiam orgnyer,suke lawan main games dgn aku..yg penting main nature park aku mng..n chess die mng tp aku bg chance sebenrnyer..kiteorg suke sudoku

next pulak is b or rabeah hahaah…aku panggil die sekeping then die panggil aku 2 keping setengah..die ni nk khawin dgn pilot hahah..

atas katil b is ana, bz sgt orgnyer,biasa r nk mooting sem hard..suke bawa blk mknn dr rumah bnyk2 ,2 yg aku suke 2,ank sedara dia name syamil,comel sgt,aku suke..

then kak z,dh 3 sem kak z tengok muke aku,kak z ni baik sgt ,lemah lembut orgnyer…

next is atin…orgnyer comel, dulu die suke pinjam bangku aku ,skrg dh de bangku sendiri then aku plak pinjam bangku die,skrg ni tngh ddk atas bangku die r ni..hahah

last sekali kt pintu is kak sima, org nyer lemah lembut jg,suke shopping ..mase aku tulis bende ni die tngh deman,sian kak sima,semoga cpt sembuh

thats all..lps ni jgn nk bising2 aku x letak name korg dlm ni..

geram+menyampah+sakit hati

can i hav permission to release my tension and stress here… please :( let me story tis..

aku geram r sgt dgn comment yg dia anta kt org ni..

geram nyer!!!!!!!!!!

th x aku geram


sakit hati…

dia 2 x th ke yg #%*%@^*

mmg pun x th @#^*)%%

ni yg aku nk bg th $&(^##@

tolong r ambil th!!!!!!!!

bengang tau bila @^*%#$* tp @%&*)

oiiwwwww!!! please r open your eyes..i know you dont blind but make your eyes become bigger r..

only certain people can understand this msg….


hi..i’m back..

actual i want to continue my expression work about my core courses..

but then i think those are so many thing to tell r..

here i have something to share..

ermm..lately i’m seem like fallen in love with….


hhahah..i’m so excited to learn it..i do not feel sleepy even that’s 3hours linguistic class today..

i found that linguistic is qiute similar with i love math so much..i miss my math …

insyallah in gombak i want to further my study in if i’m not accepted to join that course, i’ll proceed in linguistic..i hope i can do it well in any field that i belong..

i really need pray or doa from all of u people..

i know that i’m not really good as others but then i think i’m trying to be as comfortable as possible..

i dont mind what people think or say..all i need to know are i love myself and i’m comfortable to be myself…

im trying to do the best for everything based on my abilities..and trying to improve it day by day…

so i really need people who can say something about me, correct, and help me thats all…

i love to be asked and asking…

life as graduting student

ermm quite busy…

i’m taking 6 core courses…

this is a very challenging semester..

1st i want to talk, express my felling about all my core courses for this sem whether i’m fallen in love with it or not…huhu’s happening to learn, similar to drama..i have to do critical analysis essays, but then i got juz quite ok r for their marks..still greatful huhu…move to the quizzes ermm 1st quiz ok r quite easy, crossword..2nd quiz was word maze,but i have done ***pid coz i didnt write the answer in the blank juz circled the words oh my god!! thats way i got ciput..quite benggang r,but still greatful..for me everything should be greatful..huhu..agak r…..move on to the midterm…the question not really big numbers only 2 sections, word maze and extracts overall ok r alhamdulilah…actually learn poetry or drama teaches me a bit about life, feeling, and why people act in the certain way..i quite disagree when people keep asking ben students why u learn this and that ‘poetry/drama’ myself believe that there is no wrong,coz it makes u better understanding about yourself and people around what..learn it 1st then feel it..huhu by the way we are always encouraged to put islamic perspective in it, maybe this is iium kut huhu..overall I LOVE IT….

actually i want to continue about my expression but then i have to continue doing literature review, tuesday i have to submit it ok.god please give me hidayah to do it….continue next time…

january the 18th