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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Salam Lebaran 2014 from MBS

from me..Miss Muni & Family

this little ammar also wants to make hari raya wishes to all of you
"be hepi beraya! collect as many duit raya as possible"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New school Alien Place

Eid Mubarak in advance to all silent and non-existed readers out there. Here i come with a new story of mine. Just for my life record, I'm now in an alien place @_@. I don't live with alien but I'm alien to them. FBI (for blog information), I get posted in Perak after 100 years of waiting. Still remember my previous hectic working life? This time is double then before. Previously, it was 8.30am-5.30pm but now is 7.30am-2.15pm + meetingsss + baby sitting students until they sleep. Get to know my school, It's SMATSGJ, when you say it in its short form it will be like SMATS G J, sounds like Jejai :D. Last time when the result released, I expected to get SMKA bcuz this type of school is under BPI. Fortunately, I got SABK which is quite similar to SMKA it's just that the students are not as brilliant as SMKA students. I was quite surprised cuz I had to travel long ways to Gerik Perak. Thanks to God for sending me here. Despite of all the discrepancies, I have a good time here. The students are so nice and easy to teach. The teachers are nice and nicer and nicest too. The school is just as cute as its name "Jejai". So, i have to bear myself here until the day I get transferred to my lovely kampung :( please pray for that, I really mean it. It takes me 5 and half hour to go back "double treble sad". The first thing I thought after I entered  my classes was to prepare the best lesson so that they can at least pass my paper. Plus, I started to have a dream to produce my own module which every teacher will dream it at the first day of posting :D I hope this motivation will last longer until my last day of service , InsyaAllah. May Allah guide my journey here, May this sacrifice worth. Luckyly, I got friends here who are in the same boat with me. That makes me stronger to endure so many "problems and kerenahs". Not forgetting to my family, I am here bcuz of them, just to give them a better life and repay all the sacrifices they have done to me. Believe it or not, I still can't believe that i have reached this stage of life. Become a responsible person to a group of community. After all, I love my job and will just do my job without bothering what other says!

#We are not witches but we have broom. " Only understood by Us"

Monday, June 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum and welcome to the middle of 2014 and the new beginning

Its been a while since I put any entries. A new life will embark soon less than a week. There are many things to prepare beforehand. In this new beginning, I would like to make new resolutions as this is a huge shift of my life. My first and ultimate resolution is to write a long entry since i never had a chance before. This time, I have to force myself to the limit and improve my English. 

"when money talks, nobody notices the grammar"
I like the quote damn much coz it boosts  my confidence! Nobody cares about the grammar when they are talking. It's just that grammar comes naturally when you speak, supposedly. Nevertheless, i believe this only happens to those who hold the title as a native speaker and it does not apply to all sort of people. Yes, i am talking about the English language. 

People could agree with me if i say, to gain confidence  nowadays is to be able to speak  English. Why English seems to have a super power to modify some system in our mind? Psychologically, when a nation seems to be civilized in the eyes of the world, some of their culture including language become embraced. 

It can be seen that theories are invented more than practices.Theories use language to explain on the 1000  sheets of paper. It has to be depth in meaning so that it can be possibly turned to be a practice.Unlike theories, practice does not rely on language 100%, apparently and obviously, grammar is not its main concern. 

to be continued...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I love it but ...

the most scariest part of IIUM is its EPT

English Placement Test is one thing
English Proficiency Test is another story ...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Time with my lappy again

pleasing to touch you again baby :D

yes, It's you!

besides me is .. Little Ammar

just finished 2 bottles of Anmum Milk

*org mkn btambah nasi, cenonet ni minum btambah susu penat mak ngah lari2 wat susu taw!

It's not easy to be a caretaker. It is an enormous opportunity . Even though this little creature is little, it takes 10 hands to handle.
1 is to pick him up,
2 is to grab his napkin, 
3 is to mix the milk, 
4 is to clean the poop,
5 is to wipe his reflux, 
6 is to prepare his shower,
7 is to put his clothes, 
8 is to pat his shoulder,
9 is to wash and hang his clothes ,
10 is to tidy up the mess after done no 1-9

*it took me hours to finish writing this entry, it shows how busy to be a private babysitter 

till then...Assalamualaikum

He's sleeping now.. I sang this song to him
Try to sleep now,
Close your eyes,
Try to think of today,
All of us wish you good morning,
and I'm switching of the TV,
1 more hug 1 more smile,
Kiss you once Kiss you twice,
I'll be here for awhile,
Try to sleep now and close your eyes...


2014 is going to be my new world of a challenging adult life. Without a permanent job, it makes me acutely feel. I'm turning 25 at the end of 2014 and it requires me to be an economic stable person who can support her family, bring them for relaxing vacation. I wish I could do that when I got it one day InsyaAllah.
Immediately a month after my last day of practical,I got a Job as English Lecturer in a Language Centre. This place can be a good start for fresh graduates I supposed. However, if you wish to experience more challenging task I would suggest you to look for management field.
Surprisingly, I'm teaching Bangladeshi students! Everyone will give me such a look when I mentioned this. It's not a bad idea to choose this job anyway. If it's not me who are willing to do so, it might be another person then. I believe that this job can be a good platform to practice your patience-training-to-face-such-inattentive-student- . I try my best not to take this job for granted and learn as many as I could from the company. Experience is not easy to gain, it's worth more than gold, you better grab it rather than lose it now! So, whatever in front of me, I just enjoy it and let's thing flow according to its natural inclination.
Apparently, I'll end this job soon. I've decided to quit and patiently wait for the offer from MARA / KPM / JAIP for designation DG41. For this time being I lust after crafting and a part time nephew sitter. My father decides me to look after little Ammar at this moment after my resignation.
FYI. To proclaim: Baby sitter job is not bad, okay. Re-quote what my lecturer said past few years.. "Whatever you do, make it the best. If you are a babysitter, be the best baby sitter" Now it comes to me and  let's implement those words.
Let me rest myself in peace at HOME and enjoy my passion since I have time before hectic days come again....
 # copied from my WordPress on 24/12/2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to make your graduation day meaningful.

The excited feeling walking on the red carpet, wearing the robe like a counselor and throwing the headgear is intermittent since I have to count down for about six months.
" scrunching up my face; what on earth is....."

Time flies so fast. It is only two weeks remaining and I just realized that I have not prepared anything "mentally and physically" for my convocation day. When it comes to women thinking about the event called "ceremony" everything should be done boastful like wedding ceremony daaaaa....

"How to make your graduation day meaningful is not about how many people come to your ceremony or how beautiful your black shoes and cream tudung. There is something much more essential that some might overlook.


How your degree transmute your life?
How far your can go with your scroll? It either scrolls you up or down.

If six years of studying does not change you to be a better person, convocation day should not be your memorable day but it is rather a poignant moment.

What I'm thinking right now is what is the degree of betterment I've achieved?

The common situation for fresh graduate is being unemployed. To market yourself nowadays does not come naturally, you have to compete with 1000 people from 1000 institutes. Being demand is not the first thought that you should possess at this moment. Give or in other word, allow yourself a chance to try out anything in front of you and develop it.

What is the use of a scroll which at last it is hung on the wall. Use your potential and expand it regardless where you start.

Happy Convocation to all IIUM Graduans...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

how to curb from being hurt

life goes ups and downs and it's so unexpected. how could we predict it. today might be a grin and tomorrow is just a smile.
you can have thousand of wishes but no one can grantee who will fulfill yours. stick to the principle of wait and see. As Sobru Minal Iman. Human can never be humane when it comes to a long waiting. we have hearts, livers, colons and all organs you name it!
all it takes is to be understood. how it feels  to live in a vague situation. i just want a certainty...

..........meant to be understood........

Monday, August 26, 2013

No Pics talk

I left my baby at home and all entries will be just words.... i wish to update on my beading moments. perhaps, i'll update them later.

Another monday begins. Work!

Monday Blues! i wish bihun goreng with egg besides me could cheer my day up.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Everything Has Changed

Assalamualaikum blog :) It has been such a long train waiting huuu. Hoping i could update this blog like before. So many things happened to tell and to write in this blog. I'm not a good writer who can regurgitate everything and people can visualise my story like in cinema but i found some creatures like that. I'm impressed though!

Alright, where to begin :D

i'm done with my practical. Happy with the result Alhamdulilah :D. i'm now a trained English  teacher. Who wants to hire me please do so before i get posted ngeeeeeee.

i had 1 month of leisure lazy-lazy time after i finish my undergrad study.
what did i do? = enjoy the moment at most as i could

and now i'm working temporarily as a lecturer in a small institute

enjoy my life so far bcuz i got the chance to feel what it feels to earn money but not yet to be the bread winner.

time to appreciate my father as high as i could :D

thanks and Alhamdulilah ...

Saya Hanya Ada Allah...