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Monday, December 10, 2012

tq for being so supportive


mid term's mark : lulus yg x la blh dbangga kn sgt tp still Alhamdulilah.. that's good enough :)

put more effort this time k.

back to the title : tq for being so supportive 

just want to say terima kasih - syukran - thnks - arigato - gracias - dankon - abrigado

to the person who very concern with my problems even a little one.

the person posted the book all the way from UIA to UIA so that i can revise more

double-triple touched :'(

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy besday Moon!

genap umur ku 23thn sbulan..hari jadi moon pun tiba hehe

to my e.2.8-e.1.1- a.1.2-d.3.3-d.2.5-d.2.4 roommate Mona Shahirah 

Happy Besday!

may Allah bless u for the entire life

wish u success in ur future career and family!

:: smlm b4 mgrib muni blnja moon ice cream, moon nk mkn ice cream mahal2 kt kiosk..pegi je kiosk semua ice cream RM 1 hehe alamdulilah :D
nnt muni blnja ice cream lain k hehe 

gmbar kita ms muda dlu2 hehe

Friday, December 7, 2012

sangat lama nyer yg ampun x update blog!

Assalamualaikum :D

Ade lg ke agaknyer pbace blog ni ek huhu

if x ade, i nk bg salam kt sawang2 n habuk2 yg sedang memenuhi blog ni dgn jayanya hehehe

oraits, let's stretch the fingers to start the acceleration to write

SEM 1 2011/2012 : almost to end
          1. - just quite busy to finish all d assignments
          2. - preparing for the ultimate play ever!
          3. - getting ready to be in school soon, little tcer!

:: so simple to describe my life, at least for now ::

akhir2 sem mcm ni, rs sayu sbb nnt dh xde lg classes mcm biasa coz in school classes mmg luar biasa

my roomate MONASHahirah will graduate soon n xdpt jumpa selalu dh

classmate pun dh jrg jumpa sbb masing2 busy dgn school masing2

aaaa! the real monster!

mcm xcaya je dh nk hbs ( another sem ok!)

nnt dh grad nk wat pe ek (tunggu kawin!!)

:: my hope for now n future ::

- i'll be tcer soon and have a nice working place that i can experience the most
- enjoy my life at most
- do sth i wish to do n to be
- love n be loved!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Selamat Pengantin Baru Puan Maizatul

~ The full entry will come soon ~

p/s: if i rajin la

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have graduated from IIUM

Hi people, please lower your naivety by believing the TITLE above, i did not mean it :p
"I have graduated from IIUM" is going to be the words that i'm gonna to utter in 1 year onward. InsyaAllah :)
i somehow could not imagine how it likes to be a graduand and later a graduate.
  1. no more title of IIUM undergrad student
  2. no more add drop (subject + room)
  3. no more classes (EDU LR # or CFL, ADM, IRK, AIKOL, etc...
  4. no more room which i used to decorate and spend much of my time doing soooo many things
  5. no more exams, study for d examss (study group with my loyal everlasting friendship friends)
  6. no more results 'waiting with full of hopes'
  7. will be away from my friends (most of them are from different states which makes it impossible for us to hang out quite often)
  8. no more messages telling "class has been canceled" "no class for today" "class is postponed"
it will be the day that you have to step out from The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue and practice all the knowledge you have got from here to benefit others. it will be the time that the society out there asking you to serve them. you are now entrusted by people out there to gain as much as knowledge to develop the society. the task is not piece of cake. it demands you to be well prepared, determined and outstanding for the sake of betterment for the next generation...

that is your "you,Students" ultimate task to accomplish. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cerita cik ROS

it was my 1st day @ SMKA TAHAP
1st round2 sekolah dlu cari ilham huhu
sklh ni xla besar sgt, tp pnt jg nk jln klu pkai high heel ni huhu
1st thing 1st, ni sklh BESTARI taw hehe

 ni 1 of the actvities yg i joined
ade jg la contengan yg i tinggalkn kt dinding sklh ni hehe even xcntik
gmbr besar 2 gmbr dinding sblm kami cat

Formasi n Dynamic: Awesome giler ! hehe teruja jap

Hari Koperasi, my task was hulur2 hadiah hehe spot me in d 1st pic, green kurung hehe

my project "Let's LePAc with English" = Learn Play Acquire English
tiring but exciting , dpt pujian dr sklh hoyoyoyoy

senamrobic , upps cikgu x pkai bju sukan plak hehe

Drama Competition, sempat tolng diorg rehearsed sekali je hehe

National Robotic Competition..tibe2 jd mentor, ajar diorg cr present dgn betul, tup2 dpt Special Award Best Presentation n 3rd place plak hehe. Congratulations my Boys! thnks sbb i dpt 2x naik pentas hehe!

Actually, bnyk lg benda nk kongsi n ade lg activities joined tp time constraint sbb nk wat log book plak hehe
My mentor offered ajar tuisyen lps ni, so see u again school! hoyoyoyo

I had best moments @ SMKA TAHAP

Sunday, June 24, 2012

school welcomes me

1st thing 1st..Assalamualaikum virtual readers

 Tomorrow is my school day. It has been a year i did not step on the earth which schools are located ( if i'm not mistaken). Last time was in 2011 when i was a tutor at SMAPT. And now is another story of mine with school.
 To start it off, I would like to thanks to Allah for giving me another chance working with school (it's not working actually, it's experimenting). My life is so wonderful when it comes to schooling :p . Actually, I'm on tenterhook waiting for tomorrow. Don't know what i will encounter and be assigned in that particular school SMKA TAHAP. Anyway, i'll take it everything with an open heart :D

Till then, (nk beli kasut sekolah baru hr ni hehe)

Kita Hanya Ada Allah ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

wedding preparation

 busy kn nk kawin ni..ingat senang ke,nak2 lg klu wat idea pelik2 utk wedding,so ni la jd nyer huhu..

anyway i just love it :D

my interest (a.k.a flair 'sila muntah') in crafting is tested.. i am voluntarily forced to make brooches as a gift to the guests 

the total no is: 500 pieces 

the pieces of felt to be sewed

the fake diamond..bling2

the finish brooches

the couple huhu 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

!niaga ih

read the title alphabetically backward
just wanna put some pieces of thought in here

often visit,less log in -----> result = no new entry

hectic life surrounds with papersss(exam-3s: 3papers)
wedding preparation is another thing
practicum matter is another urgent thing to think of

what! wedding preparation!..not for me la,i'm just the wedding planner daaaa

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IT Classes

First of all i would like to announce that some of my friends and i are already graduated from our 

Minor IT Courses 

thousands of memory we had together 
  • -we learned new skills
  • -we discover new things
  • -we became different from others

millions of thank to our lecturers
  • -Dr.Tunku....she's going to Ireland soon ;(
  • -Dr. Kamal..our grand father of IT
  • -Bro.Azlan..always cool!
  • -Mdm creative
  • -Mdm Khairani..motherly :)
  • -Dr.Sharifah..very knowledgeable :)

we had 10 courses all together

at the end of the classes, we have equipped our self as
  • -IT literate 
  • -Photographers
  • -Video-graphers
  • -Photo Editors
  • -Video Editors
  • -Programmers
  • -IT teachers
  • -Animators 
even though we are not as 'high tech' as KICT students, we do enjoy every software given to us. We are not that competent but we did experience them :)

just part of us..this is our final IT class with Dr.Kamal
gonna miss my table n PC

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sweet moments in Pulau Tuba

Pejalanan betolak dr Uia : 10.00 malam..pukul 9 lg kami semua dh bkumpul d Tangga besar
Destinasi pertama kami: RnR Tapah
p/s: toilet sgt cntik huhu

Aksi2 di dalam bus:

Seterusnya kami menuju ke Kuala Perlis
berhenti solat subuh di masjid yg bhampiran..sgt cntik masjid 2 :)
Hbs menunaikn solat subuh,kami bjalan kaki ke jeti kuala perlis utk menaiki ferry
sgt mngtok..bnyk aksi dpt dirakam di sana
 dh boring ddk kt dalam,kami merayau2 kt luar sementara tunggu ferry sampai
n lps 2 terus naik ferry pkul 10.45..perjalannan memakan masa 1jam..
it was a tiring voyage

 Setelah itu kami sampai di langkawi, kami terus menuju ke boat utk meneruskn perjlanan ke PULAU TUBA.destinasi utama kami..1st time naik boat..sgt best

 at last kami sampai ke pulau tuba..n sampai ke SMK Langkawi,Pulau Tuba
activity pertama kami was ice breaking
mlm was the presentation nite

2nd day was aerobic n 'academic' games + tug of war..
xsangka rupa2 nya kwn2 ak ni bnyk yg Mustang tp xnmpk plak muka diorg kt USC hr 2 hehe 
 at nite we hv cultural show
n the 'good bye' moment with adik2
touching part hehe

we came back to langkawi and....

That's all from my Voyage :p

last but not least, we went to rumah Jannah for dinner and we had the most awesome nasi kandaq!
to Jane's family for serving us..
arrived at Uia 3.30am

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hidup dan pengalaman

Jadi lah org yg cepat bangun bila jatuh
cepat bangkit bila tersungkur
cepat sedar bila terleka
cepat ingt bila terlupa

Hidup, bila ia penuh dgn keseronokkn kita akn mudah t'jatuh,tsungkur,tleka dan t'lupa..
Manusia adalah hidup dan hidup adalah manusia..

Kisah pengalamn hidup xkn pernah bhenti meskipun mata ttutup..pjalanan diteruskn sampai ke detik masa di mana mata ttutup selama-lama..

Back to my munie's life
- in the middle of semester, assignmnts have been listed.. a long list of assignmnts need my 100 %attention.. upcoming programs are waiting for me to serve them.. home is always calling me to come back.. and I'm here in the name of Maizatul Munira who will accomplish all the requirement above :)

-life is a collection of experiences, a command that requires action, a desire that needs to be fulfilled

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

wanna write about the thing inside

this is just my thought..dont get me wrong & dont get offended
when i read some emotional-meluat post on FB, i started to think what kinds of person they are..
so many problems in mind that they should reveal to the world,
so many people make them angry that they should tell to the world how sakit hati they are in that moment,
the most make-me-nk-muntah post is when they post about how deep they miss their love one..
oooh! it really gets on my nerve!
last time i kept track with a-not-to-be-named-girl's post where i can absolutely create a plot of her love story from the time she met the boy until they broke up..
all i can say..eawwww...bljar dulu la dik,xyah sibuk nk bcinta, throughout their 'relationship' which i concerned last time, she had headache more the bunga-bunga's feeling..

when people post 'such post', other people will think that 'sth goes wrong with that person' like i do such as:

-bnyk tol org xsuke dia ni
(e.g post: biar la lntak ko,smoga xkn bjumpa lg dgn manusia sperti kau!)

-boy friend dia ni asyik sakitkn hati dia je,mesti playboy
(e.g post: ak xperlukn kau lg..pegi jauh2 dlm hidup ku..)

-mcm dia sorg je ade boyfriend nk wat post jiwang2 how sweet her bf is
(e.g post: no example here,dont know how to create but they do hv exmple in fb hehe)

this is only the way i look at those things, some people might look at differently then i do..
i apologize if there are some bad words that might offend some parties..

tq :D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

lama xupdate blog

this is world wide web, there are lot of spiders crawling over here,that is what we call as web crawler..n when u do not visit ur blog quite often it will get spider web hehehe

bila dh ade 2blog ni, salah 1 akn tpinggir, cian blog ak yg comel ni hehe, this blog is part of my memories, the place i talk when sth come to my life,that's all about me n my new blog is the continuation of another life of mine :)

good to write sth on this again, fell like me again :D

Kita Hanya Ada Allah :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


sad :)

kadang2 hidup ni xselalu indah..ayat ni dh selalu org sebut, so sgt tbukti kesahihannya..hidup..xselalu seiring dgn yg kita rancang n x selalu m'ikut kemahuhan kita kerana....kita merancang Allah yg menentukn :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sem baru bermula

Assalamualaikum :)
New sem has begun and hectic life has stated

I expect that I would do better for this sem in terms of the academic matters as well as non-academic
I went to 2classes today. I'm still in the mood of not-ready-coming-to-the-class but i'll work hard for it :D

I feel comfortable with my room as usual but not this one,look at this pic

dpt 1 je langsir,1 lg office xbg lg ermmm :(

Friday, January 13, 2012

exam dh hbs.

ayoyoyoyo!!!!! paper t'akhir LS! done..itu bermakna exam sy dh hbs..suke suke suke

lps exam terus balik bilik tukar bju n pegi JJ mamam nandos dgn cik farah, cik aeni n en.sopi

..lps 2 kitaorg teman cik aeni beli tiket kt jelatek..aksi lintas jln kita org mmg xblh blah ye hee..lps 2 terus pegi KLCC pusing2 pegi kino beli buku gune voucer hehe..lps 2 terus balik..penat sgt :(

mlm 2 plak de surprised party utk kak ita..mlm 2 ak sakit kepala giler2 sampai muntah2,hbs semua nandos kuar hohohoho..lps 2 ok sikit dpt jugak join...thnks moon tolng picitkn kepala muni smlm.moon n biey beli mcD,ak xorder pun sbb xlalu nk mkn dh.dh lama kitaorg rancang,siap buat hadiah special utk kak ita n movie maker..kak ita nangis hee..nnt kitaorg akan rindu giler2 kak kak ita..kak ita dh nk grad..

lps 2 ak duk mgemas barang2 nk balik..hehe bnyk la ni tunggu mak n abah 3 weeks i'll be here again.. :D

skrg just nk tunggu result exam..hope it will be fine hee
method of dakwah
managing info system
curriculum & instruction
testing n assessment
listening and speaking
methodology of IT

hope u're doing fine :D

pics talk!
muni tngh drive jgn kacau!
cik aeni excited bawa moto hee

farah hnya mampu mjadi penumpang huhu sopi mrempit mcm biasa!

muke excited giler dpt bawa moto!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

nk berangan...

dh bce semua notes n faham tahap bdk master!

cr brg tsembunyi! sape teke btl dpt hadiah!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

semua org dh wat entry psl new year..ak???? 2nd day of new year br nk wat
busy sgt study hohoho

skrg musim exam,adush! penat wat bce sambil wat note huhu

anyway i should write sth on "new year"

i bought new diary/planner for this year
hope it will work throughout the year huhu

nothing much to say, i wanna wish to all readers out there: be a better person :D

that's all for me..
(where is the resolution?) hehe..just wanna have a good life, that's it

till then.. Assalamualaikum