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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

wanna write about the thing inside

this is just my thought..dont get me wrong & dont get offended
when i read some emotional-meluat post on FB, i started to think what kinds of person they are..
so many problems in mind that they should reveal to the world,
so many people make them angry that they should tell to the world how sakit hati they are in that moment,
the most make-me-nk-muntah post is when they post about how deep they miss their love one..
oooh! it really gets on my nerve!
last time i kept track with a-not-to-be-named-girl's post where i can absolutely create a plot of her love story from the time she met the boy until they broke up..
all i can say..eawwww...bljar dulu la dik,xyah sibuk nk bcinta, throughout their 'relationship' which i concerned last time, she had headache more the bunga-bunga's feeling..

when people post 'such post', other people will think that 'sth goes wrong with that person' like i do such as:

-bnyk tol org xsuke dia ni
(e.g post: biar la lntak ko,smoga xkn bjumpa lg dgn manusia sperti kau!)

-boy friend dia ni asyik sakitkn hati dia je,mesti playboy
(e.g post: ak xperlukn kau lg..pegi jauh2 dlm hidup ku..)

-mcm dia sorg je ade boyfriend nk wat post jiwang2 how sweet her bf is
(e.g post: no example here,dont know how to create but they do hv exmple in fb hehe)

this is only the way i look at those things, some people might look at differently then i do..
i apologize if there are some bad words that might offend some parties..

tq :D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

lama xupdate blog

this is world wide web, there are lot of spiders crawling over here,that is what we call as web crawler..n when u do not visit ur blog quite often it will get spider web hehehe

bila dh ade 2blog ni, salah 1 akn tpinggir, cian blog ak yg comel ni hehe, this blog is part of my memories, the place i talk when sth come to my life,that's all about me n my new blog is the continuation of another life of mine :)

good to write sth on this again, fell like me again :D

Kita Hanya Ada Allah :)