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Monday, June 23, 2014

Assalamualaikum and welcome to the middle of 2014 and the new beginning

Its been a while since I put any entries. A new life will embark soon less than a week. There are many things to prepare beforehand. In this new beginning, I would like to make new resolutions as this is a huge shift of my life. My first and ultimate resolution is to write a long entry since i never had a chance before. This time, I have to force myself to the limit and improve my English. 

"when money talks, nobody notices the grammar"
I like the quote damn much coz it boosts  my confidence! Nobody cares about the grammar when they are talking. It's just that grammar comes naturally when you speak, supposedly. Nevertheless, i believe this only happens to those who hold the title as a native speaker and it does not apply to all sort of people. Yes, i am talking about the English language. 

People could agree with me if i say, to gain confidence  nowadays is to be able to speak  English. Why English seems to have a super power to modify some system in our mind? Psychologically, when a nation seems to be civilized in the eyes of the world, some of their culture including language become embraced. 

It can be seen that theories are invented more than practices.Theories use language to explain on the 1000  sheets of paper. It has to be depth in meaning so that it can be possibly turned to be a practice.Unlike theories, practice does not rely on language 100%, apparently and obviously, grammar is not its main concern. 

to be continued...