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Monday, December 10, 2012

tq for being so supportive


mid term's mark : lulus yg x la blh dbangga kn sgt tp still Alhamdulilah.. that's good enough :)

put more effort this time k.

back to the title : tq for being so supportive 

just want to say terima kasih - syukran - thnks - arigato - gracias - dankon - abrigado

to the person who very concern with my problems even a little one.

the person posted the book all the way from UIA to UIA so that i can revise more

double-triple touched :'(

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy besday Moon!

genap umur ku 23thn sbulan..hari jadi moon pun tiba hehe

to my e.2.8-e.1.1- a.1.2-d.3.3-d.2.5-d.2.4 roommate Mona Shahirah 

Happy Besday!

may Allah bless u for the entire life

wish u success in ur future career and family!

:: smlm b4 mgrib muni blnja moon ice cream, moon nk mkn ice cream mahal2 kt kiosk..pegi je kiosk semua ice cream RM 1 hehe alamdulilah :D
nnt muni blnja ice cream lain k hehe 

gmbar kita ms muda dlu2 hehe

Friday, December 7, 2012

sangat lama nyer yg ampun x update blog!

Assalamualaikum :D

Ade lg ke agaknyer pbace blog ni ek huhu

if x ade, i nk bg salam kt sawang2 n habuk2 yg sedang memenuhi blog ni dgn jayanya hehehe

oraits, let's stretch the fingers to start the acceleration to write

SEM 1 2011/2012 : almost to end
          1. - just quite busy to finish all d assignments
          2. - preparing for the ultimate play ever!
          3. - getting ready to be in school soon, little tcer!

:: so simple to describe my life, at least for now ::

akhir2 sem mcm ni, rs sayu sbb nnt dh xde lg classes mcm biasa coz in school classes mmg luar biasa

my roomate MONASHahirah will graduate soon n xdpt jumpa selalu dh

classmate pun dh jrg jumpa sbb masing2 busy dgn school masing2

aaaa! the real monster!

mcm xcaya je dh nk hbs ( another sem ok!)

nnt dh grad nk wat pe ek (tunggu kawin!!)

:: my hope for now n future ::

- i'll be tcer soon and have a nice working place that i can experience the most
- enjoy my life at most
- do sth i wish to do n to be
- love n be loved!