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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bila kita suka

kita akan buat??

of course la the thing that we like the most

you will do something with a widely grin and sometimes it is enough with a sweetly smile

just like when i feel so "suke".. i'll always smile with some expression of 'gedik-gedik' smile (let's imagine, you'll do the same kn2, i know la hehe)

if i like something
: i'll do it with all my every time i do crafting, photo editing n teaching 'many2 more perhaps'

mode: sbnrnyer mode tngh suke2..every small particle about 'it' make me feel like wow..that's enough to brighten my day :D

love my life- Munira

Sunday, June 26, 2011


hi to those who read this entry :D

I'm so satisfied with my new blog's template.. So tomey!! rasa mcm nk gigit2 je

As everybody knows (if you know la huhu), I'm currently working as two-month-extra class-teacher. So now, I have been given so many works-like-assignment. In the early weeks of my long-unsponsored-holidays, I was so bored and I said to myself that 'I need something like assignment perhaps". And now, I wish that I never uttered such words AGAIN :D .. Every week is not going to be as leisure as before because I need (must) to create a new lesson every week.. I know it is useful for my future use so it should be no complaint but just want to agree with the fact that "people always complain :p "

Actually, there is a fact that I just forgot. I should brainstorm this weekend bout the activity for Literature Camp for Form2 students..Today is Sunday, I only have less then 24 hours to dig my brain and see what's inside to be used for the camp..ayoyo :p

Love your Live- Munira

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Selepas 14 minggu..Akhirnya

Berakhir sudah Maharaja Lawak..

Tahniah untuk Sepah kerana berjaya mendapat tempat pertama

Tahniah untuk Jozan kerana berjaya mendapat tempat pertama untuk kebanyankkan minggu

Tahniah untuk Nabil kerana mendapat wang yang paling banyak antara semua peserta

Tahniah untuk Jambu kerana mendapat imuniti untuk masuk ke final

Saya mengikuti ML sejak mula cuti sem bermula..Wow, lama juga cuti sudah berlalu.. Mengikuti program ML adalah antara aktiviti yang berfaedah yang saya lakukan sepanjang cuti ni..

Anyway, my final words to all the contestants in ML
- they did a very good job n put a lot of efforts
- every single person is talented
- nabil gets the most price!!congrats

Thursday, June 23, 2011

hi there!!

that's all i can utter to someone without the acknowledgment from the exact being 

Hi semua!! back to the title... Just wanna say hello to every one in the alam maya .. This gonna be unnoticeable lack of update hoho..
That's the only word that can describe my life so far


I like it

love your life-Munira
"Busyness" is good b'cuz it makes you forgetting things that you do not want to absurd in your brain

Monday, June 20, 2011


it was my first class with f1 sum...

it was about 38 org dlm kelas..ramai juga la..bertuah sgt sbb pelajar perempuan baik2 n focus semuanya, pelajar lelaki nakal nyer!! hehe penat jerit suh diorg ikut kata jg la..bila suh jawab main2..but at least diorg nk juga try jawab even malu2 (oo main dlm kelas x malu hehe).. so needs sth more interesting for this class just to get their tiba2 je de lipan dlm kelas, kelam kabut, girls jerit2, boys main2 plak dgn lipan 2..(bahaya taw x!!!)..waktu masa habis semua terus keluar, tinggal la i sorg2 dlm kelas 2 nk kemas2 barang n tutup lampu, tibe2 de sorg girl ni dtg nk b'tanya..waaaa, seronok sgt bila de yg suka put some effort tuk belajar..she's good..i told  those students (you only have 4 years to learn n to know how to use Eng. After you finish schooling, people out there will expect you understand Eng n know how to speak Eng)..then i translate la, semua terdiam, tngh fikir kut what will happen in the next 4 years huhu..i wish u guys best of luck..may u guys success in your life  :)

Happy Father's Day n Happy Weekdays

I'm proud to have him as my father!!!!!!!!

b'cuz he always buys me ice cream, choc, biscuit comel2 for me :D

the one who always wears seat belt while driving hoho

*ok done!! wanna help mak to cook sambal tumis udang
*have class at night..form 1 SUM

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2nd Class

Malam ni kelas ke2 sy..Ptg td baru dpt jadual baru..So mlm ni kene ajar bdk2 form 2 Saidina Umar..I taught them too in my 1st class yesterday..So, so far I have met them twice.The best thing about them is, they are so enthusiastic to learn English after I gave them some of kata-kata semangat..So I hope that they will get some input in my class..Tonight I focused on the sentence structure. I taught them the differences between present,past,present perfect..I gave some vocab related with animals such as the animals' group, the animals' homes, etc..I put some pic in my power point slide to make them easier to remember. They were really enjoyed learning thru power point..The thing that I want to share to all teachers out there is, do use technology in your teaching coz it will help u to get students' attention.After u get their attention, u will easily deliver your lesson .It really works..I showed them my flash project that I did last semester on History. They seemed interested to it, plus some of the curiosity effect on their faces hehe

-I had a bad flu today, struggling deadly to teach..Good to see smiles from my students' faces n it cured my selesema!

selamat pagi cikgu!!

hai bloggies all over the world.. start ur day with praises to Allah (Alhamdulilah, we are still given another chance to see the world, to repent, to fulfill the amanah n etc

b4 i want to finish my power point for today's class..just want to share a piece of yesterday experience of mine.

it was my first day of teaching..i was so scared at the 1st place..cuz i didn't know what will happen n how students will react in my class..

Alhamdulilah, it's gone smoothly n i need to do it better for today!

so, to all teachers in the world: happy teaching everyone

love ur life-Munira

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ooopss..sorry salah org

adegan salah org ni sering berlaku pada saya..mungkin kelemahan sy sbb x tngk tol2 and cepat sgt wat andaian yg itu la orgnye haha

bnyk kali dh berlaku, sampailah sy sedar semalam yg adegan salah org ni dh bnyk kali berlaku pd sy

antara adegan-adegannya as follows:

1. seorg blogger bernama FatimahZahrah, x ingat dr blog mana sy jumpa blog dia ni n jd follower, mati2 ingat kak ton classmate..siap post kt shout box "hai kak ton" huhu xpe la dpt kwn blogger baru hehe

2. kwn lama waktu form 3, naim..dia chat sy kt FB..dia tny kenal lg x, dgn confident x tentu pasal sy jawab "mesti la kenal jiran dpt rumah"..(mesti time 2 muke mamat 2 blur giler sy ckp mcm 2 haha)..nama kt Fb dia RADIOHALO NAEM..mati2 ingat radhi naim jiran dpn rumah..dh la 2 siap tny mcm ner result spm dia n kwn2..haha

3. kwn perempuan time form 4 namanya Mira..dia add kt jarang la tegur dia sbb ingat Mira bdk program time kt sklh dulu..huhu mesti dia ingat sy sombong x tegur dia huhu

4. farhana iskandar, dia chat kt Fb n dgn confident yg teramat sy panggil dia Wani Zainon..ayoyo asal la muka mcm sama plak time ni dulu lain je hahah

5. kwn time sekolah rendah until sklh menengah Nor..x approve dia kt Fb sbb xknl rupe, dh lama lps 2 baru la approve huhu

6. sy prnh ingat foreigner kt uia 2 A.Samad Said hahaha..dgn confidentnyer ckp kt farah n aeni 2 A.Samad Said

Itu la kisah saya, lps ni kene lebih teliti melihat org ek..dh pakai spec baru ni mcm jelas sikit pandangan hehe

until next time daaaa

love your life-Munira

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

kegilaan hari ni :p

kuar jln2 kt bndr dgn mak n kak long..while waiting for abah renewing his rifle license at police station, mak, kak long n I had a good time together in bandar today!! we entered all shops..n my craziness began when i saw shops which sell craft stuff!! i bought many cute-tomey buttons, stickers, white ribbon, n 1/4 meter of cotton fabric.. simple bcuz i can't resist with all of this!!

don't worry it's under budget

my 1st craft for today..bestnyer main2 hari ni..for me every craft that i make is beautiful enough to me even though it's not to somebody's eyes :)

-the way I lead my life might be different with you bcuz my way might not be your way :D

happy Besday to Muhaimin!!

dh setahun dh bdk ni!!!! kejap je hahaha 
me n my sis went to this lil boy punyer besday..excited nk celebrate besday boy ni..kitaorg mamam2 mee kari , lots of snacks , cake n many2!!! kecian kirah sbb xdpt balik celebrate anak sedara 1st dia ni

baru nk main tangkap2 gambar dgn kek, besday boy ni dh musnahkan kek tersebut :D it's ok muhaimin, u can do anything u like cuz this is your day!! haha

 potong kek time! muhaimin dgn mama dia..tahniah kak ngah for having a very cute boy!!

 hari ni muhaimin asyik masam je, penat kut jd besday boy ni

exclusive pose dgn auntie dia
muhaimin cover sikit perut 2!!!!

that's all.. to muhaimin
be a good son, dear

bila gembira guling2!!

salah 2..bila gembira tepuk tangan hahaha

guling2 is the other version of tepuk tangan :D

event the smallest thing pun utk itu sy akan guling2 suke hahaha

forget pasal my guling2 happiness 2...semalam tngk calendar, dh x lama dh nk hbs cuti ni..lps ni i'll spend 2months for teaching, 1month for ramadhan n 2weeks for hari raya..after that i'll be back at iium n start my journey back to continue the preparation for my impian..i think so far i have satisfied with my time arrangement for my long2 holiday!!! yes, u did  a good job Munira

next entry will be about Muhaimin 1thn besday celebration!! tunggu nnt auntie muni wat entry khas utk Muhaimin wokey!!! hehe

Saturday, June 4, 2011

foya2 malam2

tonight i went foya2 with my boyfriend n my girlfriend (my adik n my kak long)..we mamam2 KFC yum yum..yum yum kuasa dua sbb kak long belanja... no pics to show sbb br je nk tangkap bateri dh hbs huhu

* another bad habit of mine: possession of high degree of malas to charge any battery..nasib baik la jantung x pakai bateri huhu.. handphone is the important item that lives my life but i used to neglect it when holiday comes huhu xkn charge battery selagi x de warning kuar hahaha BUT i rajin la plak charge battery lappy ni sbb nk guna tiap masa kn huhu

*maharajaLawak: Jambu best giler!!! next week ML turun kuantan!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

jom rasa

bestkn mamam biscuit yg cute miut ni huhu
(nmpk sgt p'malas nk wat entry yg memerlukan daya fikir yg tinggi)
muni's update
-ptg td cik munira pergi pasar tani dgn abah,mak,n adik die beli mkn2 kt pasar n td activity org hilang b'langsung..mula2 abah hilang,mak suh cik munira cari abah, lps 2 cik munira dgn adik cik munira cari abah n emak plak hilang..lps 2 kami b'empat dipertemukan semula..lps 2 singgah jap kt tadika kak long dia jenguk 3min ..mlm ni plak cik munira kuar bndr dgn org yg sama pergi beli barang dapur n beli envelope tuk nk wat kiriman pos esok..kt situlah cik munira beli biscuit yg comel 2 :D

Gambar kat bawah ni adalah, hasil lakaran/ sketch cik munira tuk project yg bakal b'langsung 13/6 nnt huhu

p/s:: sy nk wat spec mata..mata sy dh smakin rabun dek kerana asyik m'gadap muke lappy ni je!

love your life

sy nak

mesin nk main jahit2 :( sy xcukup duit nk beli

p/s:: rasa gedik2 nk mesin jahit lps tngk blog ni 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hi June ^_^

pejam, celik, pejam, celik, makan, tido, g pasar, tngk tv, online, masak, sapu sampah..
dh sampai bulan June rupenyer
lama jg cik munira duk kt rumah ni
dlm bulan ni ade activity lain sikit yg bakal d'buat
hope bulan ni akn jd bulan yg m'yeronokkan la utk cik munira ni hehehe

kpd cik munira:: slmt meneruskan sisa2 cuti !!!