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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

how to curb from being hurt

life goes ups and downs and it's so unexpected. how could we predict it. today might be a grin and tomorrow is just a smile.
you can have thousand of wishes but no one can grantee who will fulfill yours. stick to the principle of wait and see. As Sobru Minal Iman. Human can never be humane when it comes to a long waiting. we have hearts, livers, colons and all organs you name it!
all it takes is to be understood. how it feels  to live in a vague situation. i just want a certainty...

..........meant to be understood........

Monday, August 26, 2013

No Pics talk

I left my baby at home and all entries will be just words.... i wish to update on my beading moments. perhaps, i'll update them later.

Another monday begins. Work!

Monday Blues! i wish bihun goreng with egg besides me could cheer my day up.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Everything Has Changed

Assalamualaikum blog :) It has been such a long train waiting huuu. Hoping i could update this blog like before. So many things happened to tell and to write in this blog. I'm not a good writer who can regurgitate everything and people can visualise my story like in cinema but i found some creatures like that. I'm impressed though!

Alright, where to begin :D

i'm done with my practical. Happy with the result Alhamdulilah :D. i'm now a trained English  teacher. Who wants to hire me please do so before i get posted ngeeeeeee.

i had 1 month of leisure lazy-lazy time after i finish my undergrad study.
what did i do? = enjoy the moment at most as i could

and now i'm working temporarily as a lecturer in a small institute

enjoy my life so far bcuz i got the chance to feel what it feels to earn money but not yet to be the bread winner.

time to appreciate my father as high as i could :D

thanks and Alhamdulilah ...

Saya Hanya Ada Allah...