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Sunday, June 24, 2012

school welcomes me

1st thing 1st..Assalamualaikum virtual readers

 Tomorrow is my school day. It has been a year i did not step on the earth which schools are located ( if i'm not mistaken). Last time was in 2011 when i was a tutor at SMAPT. And now is another story of mine with school.
 To start it off, I would like to thanks to Allah for giving me another chance working with school (it's not working actually, it's experimenting). My life is so wonderful when it comes to schooling :p . Actually, I'm on tenterhook waiting for tomorrow. Don't know what i will encounter and be assigned in that particular school SMKA TAHAP. Anyway, i'll take it everything with an open heart :D

Till then, (nk beli kasut sekolah baru hr ni hehe)

Kita Hanya Ada Allah ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

wedding preparation

 busy kn nk kawin ni..ingat senang ke,nak2 lg klu wat idea pelik2 utk wedding,so ni la jd nyer huhu..

anyway i just love it :D

my interest (a.k.a flair 'sila muntah') in crafting is tested.. i am voluntarily forced to make brooches as a gift to the guests 

the total no is: 500 pieces 

the pieces of felt to be sewed

the fake diamond..bling2

the finish brooches

the couple huhu