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Thursday, May 31, 2012

!niaga ih

read the title alphabetically backward
just wanna put some pieces of thought in here

often visit,less log in -----> result = no new entry

hectic life surrounds with papersss(exam-3s: 3papers)
wedding preparation is another thing
practicum matter is another urgent thing to think of

what! wedding preparation!..not for me la,i'm just the wedding planner daaaa

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

IT Classes

First of all i would like to announce that some of my friends and i are already graduated from our 

Minor IT Courses 

thousands of memory we had together 
  • -we learned new skills
  • -we discover new things
  • -we became different from others

millions of thank to our lecturers
  • -Dr.Tunku....she's going to Ireland soon ;(
  • -Dr. Kamal..our grand father of IT
  • -Bro.Azlan..always cool!
  • -Mdm creative
  • -Mdm Khairani..motherly :)
  • -Dr.Sharifah..very knowledgeable :)

we had 10 courses all together

at the end of the classes, we have equipped our self as
  • -IT literate 
  • -Photographers
  • -Video-graphers
  • -Photo Editors
  • -Video Editors
  • -Programmers
  • -IT teachers
  • -Animators 
even though we are not as 'high tech' as KICT students, we do enjoy every software given to us. We are not that competent but we did experience them :)

just part of us..this is our final IT class with Dr.Kamal
gonna miss my table n PC