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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to make your graduation day meaningful.

The excited feeling walking on the red carpet, wearing the robe like a counselor and throwing the headgear is intermittent since I have to count down for about six months.
" scrunching up my face; what on earth is....."

Time flies so fast. It is only two weeks remaining and I just realized that I have not prepared anything "mentally and physically" for my convocation day. When it comes to women thinking about the event called "ceremony" everything should be done boastful like wedding ceremony daaaaa....

"How to make your graduation day meaningful is not about how many people come to your ceremony or how beautiful your black shoes and cream tudung. There is something much more essential that some might overlook.


How your degree transmute your life?
How far your can go with your scroll? It either scrolls you up or down.

If six years of studying does not change you to be a better person, convocation day should not be your memorable day but it is rather a poignant moment.

What I'm thinking right now is what is the degree of betterment I've achieved?

The common situation for fresh graduate is being unemployed. To market yourself nowadays does not come naturally, you have to compete with 1000 people from 1000 institutes. Being demand is not the first thought that you should possess at this moment. Give or in other word, allow yourself a chance to try out anything in front of you and develop it.

What is the use of a scroll which at last it is hung on the wall. Use your potential and expand it regardless where you start.

Happy Convocation to all IIUM Graduans...