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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have graduated from IIUM

Hi people, please lower your naivety by believing the TITLE above, i did not mean it :p
"I have graduated from IIUM" is going to be the words that i'm gonna to utter in 1 year onward. InsyaAllah :)
i somehow could not imagine how it likes to be a graduand and later a graduate.
  1. no more title of IIUM undergrad student
  2. no more add drop (subject + room)
  3. no more classes (EDU LR # or CFL, ADM, IRK, AIKOL, etc...
  4. no more room which i used to decorate and spend much of my time doing soooo many things
  5. no more exams, study for d examss (study group with my loyal everlasting friendship friends)
  6. no more results 'waiting with full of hopes'
  7. will be away from my friends (most of them are from different states which makes it impossible for us to hang out quite often)
  8. no more messages telling "class has been canceled" "no class for today" "class is postponed"
it will be the day that you have to step out from The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue and practice all the knowledge you have got from here to benefit others. it will be the time that the society out there asking you to serve them. you are now entrusted by people out there to gain as much as knowledge to develop the society. the task is not piece of cake. it demands you to be well prepared, determined and outstanding for the sake of betterment for the next generation...

that is your "you,Students" ultimate task to accomplish. 


  1. Treasure your time as a student.. seriously you're going to miss it.. especially your time with your friend... (been there, done that) me is so lonely without my friends of six years

  2. kak syaza has come over my blog hehehe