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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New school Alien Place

Eid Mubarak in advance to all silent and non-existed readers out there. Here i come with a new story of mine. Just for my life record, I'm now in an alien place @_@. I don't live with alien but I'm alien to them. FBI (for blog information), I get posted in Perak after 100 years of waiting. Still remember my previous hectic working life? This time is double then before. Previously, it was 8.30am-5.30pm but now is 7.30am-2.15pm + meetingsss + baby sitting students until they sleep. Get to know my school, It's SMATSGJ, when you say it in its short form it will be like SMATS G J, sounds like Jejai :D. Last time when the result released, I expected to get SMKA bcuz this type of school is under BPI. Fortunately, I got SABK which is quite similar to SMKA it's just that the students are not as brilliant as SMKA students. I was quite surprised cuz I had to travel long ways to Gerik Perak. Thanks to God for sending me here. Despite of all the discrepancies, I have a good time here. The students are so nice and easy to teach. The teachers are nice and nicer and nicest too. The school is just as cute as its name "Jejai". So, i have to bear myself here until the day I get transferred to my lovely kampung :( please pray for that, I really mean it. It takes me 5 and half hour to go back "double treble sad". The first thing I thought after I entered  my classes was to prepare the best lesson so that they can at least pass my paper. Plus, I started to have a dream to produce my own module which every teacher will dream it at the first day of posting :D I hope this motivation will last longer until my last day of service , InsyaAllah. May Allah guide my journey here, May this sacrifice worth. Luckyly, I got friends here who are in the same boat with me. That makes me stronger to endure so many "problems and kerenahs". Not forgetting to my family, I am here bcuz of them, just to give them a better life and repay all the sacrifices they have done to me. Believe it or not, I still can't believe that i have reached this stage of life. Become a responsible person to a group of community. After all, I love my job and will just do my job without bothering what other says!

#We are not witches but we have broom. " Only understood by Us"

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