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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

life as graduting student

ermm quite busy…

i’m taking 6 core courses…

this is a very challenging semester..

1st i want to talk, express my felling about all my core courses for this sem whether i’m fallen in love with it or not…huhu’s happening to learn, similar to drama..i have to do critical analysis essays, but then i got juz quite ok r for their marks..still greatful huhu…move to the quizzes ermm 1st quiz ok r quite easy, crossword..2nd quiz was word maze,but i have done ***pid coz i didnt write the answer in the blank juz circled the words oh my god!! thats way i got ciput..quite benggang r,but still greatful..for me everything should be greatful..huhu..agak r…..move on to the midterm…the question not really big numbers only 2 sections, word maze and extracts overall ok r alhamdulilah…actually learn poetry or drama teaches me a bit about life, feeling, and why people act in the certain way..i quite disagree when people keep asking ben students why u learn this and that ‘poetry/drama’ myself believe that there is no wrong,coz it makes u better understanding about yourself and people around what..learn it 1st then feel it..huhu by the way we are always encouraged to put islamic perspective in it, maybe this is iium kut huhu..overall I LOVE IT….

actually i want to continue about my expression but then i have to continue doing literature review, tuesday i have to submit it ok.god please give me hidayah to do it….continue next time…

january the 18th

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