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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

kelas dh habis untuk sem ni..

finally..i have been thru for 7 weeks doing short sem..
just in the blink of almost finished..waiting for the final to come
on 14,15,20 june 2010..
i had so much fun in all my classes

lots of beneficial memories..ustaz suhaimi taught us very well..he always advised us to mind our prayer and behaviour.. so much Ilmu i got from him, he is very generous in giving the marks.. there's no word to say how much i want to thank him for being a very good ustaz to my classmates and i.

today is our last class..cikgu says sorry for teasing us all the time..and we say sorry too cikgu's class, there is no such thing as a silent moment cuz we laugh all the time..cikgu is so funny guy,and we had lots of fun of my classmates said that we will miss to hear his joke and his tease,then cikgu said,dont worry i'll join Raja Lawak huhu.. he delivers the knowledge in his distinctive ways,that makes me feel so impressed of him..i finally understand well of what he teaches along the time in our very last class..Alhamdulilah..hope that all of us will do the best for the final and make cikgu proud of us..Thanks Cikgu Senu so much, we will never forget you..

Tools for thinking:
last monday we had a solo is quite hard to work alone in solving such "critical thinking horrifying puzzling problems".. i think i did it slightly well huhu.. need to practice coz it is not only just a subject but it is our life.. everything we have answered is not written in any books but they happen in our real life.. so, we need to "keep in touch" with it coz it's about our world and we cannot avoid it..solving the puzzles in life is not sth easy, it needs a capability to find the causes, effects and,such a good experience to take this subject..and my solving riddles and logic problems team is so you guys damn much :tikah,jannah,dila,farhana,nafisah!!

after all, thanks to Allah for giving me the path that i can walk..i always seek for Your Guidance for the rest of my life..

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