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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Touch n Go

I still remember the words from my BTQ ustaz (Bro Hasnizam "kut la nama dia klu x silap") when i was in CFS Nilai. He said 'Don't touch your assignment and then you go'
ermmm Ustaz kassim (intro to irk) kut yg uttered ayat ni..x ingat la plak sapa huhu

Tak kisah la sape, whoever it is , just want to say that I have the Touch n Go card huhu.. Seriously, it is so convenient to have that magic card. Just need to top-up at least RM50 per semester and I can go anywhere without paying for the Bus, LRT, Train, Monorail, and KTM tickets..Awesome, Cool!!

-Kadang2 nk g jln2 beli2 barng kt wangsa maju kene spend 4 ringgit for the fare tp dgn T n G card ni mcm free plak. so it feels so free to fly to any destination you like..

-kadang2 nak naik bus xde duit seringgit..or leceh nk kuarkn duit tngh2 org ramai sambil pegang plastic bag yg just penyet je kt 2 dkt machine..x payah tunggu pak cik 2 bg tiket bus yg sangat semput nk kuar dr machine 2

Actually, this entry is made b'cuz i just joined T n G contest..even skrg x naik public transportation tp just nk gatal2 masuk contest shows that i'm very alert to what is happening heheheh

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