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Thursday, April 30, 2009 nobody haha

see the title ' hi to nobody"

since nobody read my blog
i guess

i just want to express my feeling to my self hahaaha

what a boring day of living as a worker

to the certain extend me myself quite satisfied with what i'm doing just now
but then , of course as a human we never feel satisfied with what we have

let me tell myself what i have gone through today

early in the morning ,

as usual everyday i will wait for cikgu zaidi to open the door in the small rounded table in front of office after i punch my card
then i write the daily record teaching book..wait until the bell is ringing n go to the class...

those are the things that i will do everyday (monday -friday)

let me tell myself what i'm doing in the class..

ermmm..actually i used to be in the first class when i was in secondary school..form 1-5
the problem here is i not really used to other class's attitude towards teacher since i was not being there

of course first class is quite quite n pay attention more then other classes

so my obstacle here is i need to make myself familiar with the other classes
ermm i need to use different approch to teach those classes

sometimes when i'm teaching few students are having day dreaming n morning sleep

OMG!!!! can u feel what i feel poeple!!!!

i myself admit that i'm not a really good teacher but then i have tried my best to teach as effective as possible..

i let the students to judge me..

of course's quite hard to hear the critique from other..but i try to open my ears as big as i can to listen it huhuhu

so far i haven't listen to it yet..

close that story.......

now is my feeling's turn ..
what do i feel about this school

school is school.. no discpline problem means no school
yeah right....

i have no idea why people are so hard to obey the rules..
it doesn't irk us..dont you..
of course human is not perfect but i dont think school's rules n regulation is not too hard to obey..student just need to wear the things that they supposed to wear n bring the things that they supposed to simple as that .... so what...

i dont know why they act in certain way????????

i did the presentation about discipline before..maybe fatin was right
people break the rules to make their life more creative...
what r creative they want in their life..I DONT KNOW ...

i do love my student ..i;m trying to love them haha
as what shahmi said he gave 'ilmu' n kasih sayang' to his kindergarden students huhuu

i try to help them to understand the subject not only to pass the exam but to give the way of life after they manage to pass the exam..
but students basically do not have clear prespection about their life

need to stop be continued

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