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Thursday, April 23, 2009

i'm an USTAZAH!!!!!!!!!!

Being an ustazah is not as simple as people might think...

try to preach people when you are not too pious is the worst thing i ever do in my life hahahah

but then, actually i do not really act as ustazah hahah...

i'm teaching form 2 3 4 n 5..

there are numerous faces n 'tabiat' r i hav 2 face EVERYDAY OK!!!!!..

a little curious why should i hav the intention 2 be the teacher one day even now i feel that it is

so hard to be the most noble people as the teacher is

it must be a reason why

i'll try to find out

perhaps one day i might find n discover

i'm searching it

talking bout students' perangai

those are so unexpected

they make me feel dead

my GOD

can u imagine people sleeping when u talking

it really gets into my nerves

what to do.. need to face until next month

i'm just about 2 weeks of teaching n my heart is quite 'burn' n my cikgu said 2 me that u only

teach for 2 weeks right now , can u see how 'berkulat' our hearts, teaching for several years

some ok,some keret,some blur n many more u might think

yeah ok r so far i'm still alive..thanks GOD!!!!

need 2 go..that's all from now!!!!

to be continued...............

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