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Saturday, October 24, 2009

friends make we alive and realize.

they come with no condition and sometimes go with thousand of reasons..

alhamdulilah, i found myself as the most lucky human in this world coz i have lots of generous friends around me.

making friends actually is not my "master".. the weakness of Munira

but i really appreciate those who are my "sahabat"

hard to show that i care about them but deep in my "kalbun" i just want them to be happy "here and hereafter"

the hardest part of me and maybe others also is to forbid people from doing unethical things

it is just in front of me. my words stop and the ideas freeze. just think that someone might not accept it as others .

everybody knows what is wrong and what is why it still happens? does it so hard to understand since you are born as a muslim. yeah, easy said than done!! for certain people maybe it is something normal even it is not allowed in our ad-din..

by writiing this, does mean that i'm good just want to voice my voices.

the essence of me is "bad"..

searching for the hidayah...

thanks to all my friends....

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