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Monday, October 26, 2009

dh nk final!!!

i'll sit for the very first exam in gombak

how it gonna be??

hope it will be just fine..insyaallah

my preparation so far is not quite good ..huhu so so

i just finished doing note for edu.psych

want to concentrate more on methodology,since it has quite numbers of topic that will come out in the exam..

counseling is quite worried since dont really understand the subject, not too hard, just need a good critical thinking. (will read it again n again)

grammar is somehow interesting..very understood of the contents but when it comes to the exam, got stuck too!! so what ,i'm not grammarian either.

linguistic is quite ok since our lecture is so generous regarding the marks..may allah bless him with tremendous blessing..amin..

this is our final week of classes, so it needs lots of concentration since lecturer might give clues for the exam huhu..

anyway, to all my friends , best of lucks to everybody..not forgotten those who are in UDM, USIM, INSANIAH, POLI, so on and so fourth...(klu solat hajat jgn lupa doakn saya jugak ek...

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