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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i'm 20 HaPpy BirTHdAy tO mYseLf

especially for me:-

My Way by Munira

As a blink of eye and a blown of wind,

I don't realize that I am in,

It was a step and now a stage,

I'm walking through all the ages,

With strength i stand,

With hopes i remain,

To walk all the way to find the real 'mean'...

= Stepping at the age of 20 is such a amazing feeling
Q: Why?
A: Don't know why
Maybe it's bcuz I'm moving to the 0ther stage 0f my life
20 means that you are no longer TEENager!!
However, it's the beginning of my adult life (young adult)
JUST want t0 recall back so called flash back, what i have done throughout my 20 years of life:
at the age of:
0: di alam roh
1: still a baby, my mum says everybody loved to hold me bcuz i was so chubby and cute huhu
dont get surprised that i was 4 kg when i was born
2: learnt how to walk and talk ...kut...
3: my little brother was born (muhammad najmi)
4: was a good sister to my adik..kut..
5: palying is everything
6: entered kindergarten : i dont know what i learnt there huhu
7: entered primary school : Sek.Keb.Perian
8: standard 2
9: standard 3
10: standard 4
11: standard 5
12: standard 6: sat for UPSR I got 3A 2B
13:entered secondary school: Sek.Men.Agama Pulau Tawar
14:form 2: finding the identity (until now still dont find huhu)
15:form 3: sat for PMR 4A 4B 1C
16: form 4: sat for SMA Pangkat 1 , 6 Agregat
17:form 5: sat for SPM 5A 4B
18:enrolled to CFSIIUM PJ: my 1st experience living in the hostel
19:enrolled to CFSIIUM NILAI: a lot of memories, it teaches lots about life -my cgpa was 3.2++
20:enrolled iIIUM GOMBAK: a new start of my matured life..the beginning of my future

that's all about my life so far...the next will be shared later...
my hopes: ALLAH always with me and give me strength to continue my long journey
I want to be a good caliph(insyaallah, trying to improve myself)

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