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Thursday, December 10, 2009

buku..baca..faham ke x lepas 2???

'it's good to read something"

it talks about the life of human being as a woman and a man
.. thru this we can understand each other better..
people sometimes cannot accept other people's idea because they are not in that particular situation..
if you used to read about other people's life, you might understand them.. in this life everybody is given a lot of opportunities and chances..
however, not everybody will get the same chances..
for example, a student will not feel annoy to 'pak guard' if he had been compounded.. the reason why students dont like 'pak guard' is just because they dont understand THAT "pak guard"
when we talk about donation, simple situation is when we see a beggar in the pedestrian area. sometimes it is too hard for us to give them 20cent . if we understand how hard their life or we are having empathy feeling we automatically give them a little money. in this case, even we are not as poor as them, at least we have a chance to know how a poor and a needy feels. of course, they dont want to ask for help all the time but they have to because there is no other choice., if we read about others life, we are slightly having that chances..
in simple words from me is we should say to ourselves "my life is not enough"

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