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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lawatan ke rumah anak yatim

this is my 1st experience visiting orphanage.
wow..i was speechless..(i became soo emo when i saw those children):: sgt b'syukur dgn nikmat yg Allah bg pada aku

cant imagine how it would be if there are no parents around me.. those children are still small, they really2 need their parents to be around..soo sad to think about it, it makes me crying all the times..

whatever it is, Allah has planned everything to us..the trails we get in this world is the journey towards achieving good end in the hereafter..Allah knows the Most..

here are the pic i snapped.

7.30am: gathered at "big stair"

adik2 yg comel: look tired after attending 1 event at SIME DARBY

i wish i could "sedukkn" food to my little kids one day

alia is so generous

discussion for drama 'puteri beradu' led by azim..azim was my prince hehe

the caring aizat (baby lover)

didi was our director

me,fat,azim,aizat ..azim n fat are so shy :p

my Para-Para

Group 9: charismatic

pemalu tol bdk ni!!

the third place for sudoku competition; Maizatul Munira huray!!

Our Adik: Fatullah and Azim..gonna miss u guys a lot my dear!!

this is the best team i ever had..

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