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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Safiyyah VS Farouq

last sunday, my BRC D Block Mahallah Safiyyah n i involved in Graduating Student Seminar and Appreciation Dinner collaborated with Mahallah Farouq..

such a good collaboration

got new experience
met new people with different "perangai"

those are all opportunities that Allah gives to make my life more wonderful n colourful

i was the head comm for preparation n technical, my team members n i had to go to IP,CPD.ENGIN,FOOD N FACILITIES,MOOT COURT..just to ensure that the venues n technical equipments were ready for the very special event

i think i have done my job successfully coz i tried my best to fulfill the task since this is my first experience being a head com for prep n tech..woow such a good experience to gain.huhu
maybe it is normal to some people but it means a lot to me.

fulfilling the amanah is not something simple..sometime u do it not in sincere heart..but i have tried my best to do it even though there were some conflicts, problem, misunderstanding..just consider it as a challenge to me..

Thanks to Allah for giving me such a wonderful live

love my life- Muniera

pics talk

gorgeous from safiyyah

diha jd miss mc

committee n participant..sape photographer (i la huhu)

muka sgt penat..tired grade A waiting a person named A who was slightly lazy grade A that day to come n help..tut tut

mun ckp..i mcm cekgu tadika ajar bdk main tarik tali huhu

dinner time!!

sori i mcapak (suka hati la blog saya :p)

ni la PM(sape nk sgt gmbr pm blh copy kt sini ok)

dgn bangganyer+ riak+takabur i won lucky draw ok..
i repeat, i won lucky draw OK
no yg tengah 2 (132)

gambar terakhir sebelum bateri camera kesayangan sy habis ..sori guys gambar gelap,xset flash..i was there in the pic,see,that's me ..kak afi@ifa yg captured gambar ni

that's all for this sem
proud to be BRC Block D punya team
love u all


  1. haha..ada jugak gmbar aku..haritu br nak mintak copy...:P

  2. diha:: copy je la kt situ..rugi taw x g dinner,ayam bnyk lbh huhu

  3. haha...i like it!!
    kenangn yg xkn dilupekan..
    person named A??
    sy tau!!hee...

  4. finally..there's me in the last pic..hehehe...

  5. sowie kak ain :(
    anyway..u looked awesome that nite :)

  6. haha.. awesome ye? malu je pkai pink terang tu...