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Saturday, April 9, 2011

just found it

bila kita ckp kita x suke sbnrnya kita suke

i always say that i hate reading n writing
yet, i read n write something everyday
no matter how irrelevant the materials are, i do read n write

" A horse and buggy is not a fault for not being able to go 60 miles an hour. Exhorting driver and horse to go faster or blaming them for having insufficiently high expectation is a futile exercise. What is needed is to invent the car. As a society we decided that everyone deserved the best. But once we wanted everyone to have the best, we had in effect told the horse and buggy to do the impossible" (quoted)

anyway i like this one the most::

"everybody should has his heart in the right place"
coz i really want my heart to be in the right place, the place that can make me feel good every second of my breath, the place that can make me tell the world that  people around me love me so much and the place that makes me utter the words 'i am satisfied'

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