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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Peng"ERTI"an yg manusia selalu terlepas pandang

Just read this inspired string of words from my friend's FB-wall post
The thing that people used to overlook

How come we try to ignore the thing that has a big impact to our lives?
Youngster, fall in love many times with many people 'cinta bkn blh tukar2 mcm tukar baju'..
Throughout the relationship as BF n GF, they MIGHT commit thing that we clearly acknowledge which is "SIN"
Leave that "SIN" for awhile..

Think about this : ' I love U and U love Me' , u tak kisah ke tanggung dosa i bila dh kawen nnt

This is the thing that I want to highlight after reading my friend's FB-wall post
it's the time to ponder

"Aku terima nikahnya dgn Si dia binti Si ayahnya dgn mas kahwinnya RM..
bunyinya mcm senang kn? tp erti sebenarnya:
:Aku tanggung dosa-dosa si dia dr ibu-bapanya, apa saja dosa yg dia buat, dr dedah aurat hingga ke tinggalkn solat, aku tanggung dan bukan ibu-bapanya lagi yg tanggung, dan aku tanggung semua dosa bakal anak-anak aku ,kalau ak x didik,maka ak fasik,dayus & aku rela masuk neraka dan malaikat Zabaniyah melibas aku hingga pecah badan ku.."

Dont worry youngster, There is always be a solution!

Short but Sweet from me to all people out there
-Behave well dear.. :)

-Sy pun insan yg b'dosa..

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