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Monday, July 11, 2011

good news and bad news

intense emotion
feeling disorder exists when there is a clash between good feeling and bad feeling
it will make you feel like you do know how to express your good feeling b'cuz bad feeling will haunt you and you do not know how to express your bad feeling too at the same time
this conflict really gets into MY nerve!

I just got to know about a scholarship to be applied by my friend..the due date is on 15th july and i had to rush today just to complete everything (photocopied all the documents and took a new postcard pic 'gambar dh hbs sbb bagi kt nurse dh 10x mintak tuk letak dlm card kt klinik 2' )

so, i have settled everything and just wait for the result. again, no high hope (i have repeated this word 10 time today) . i have had such a frustration feeling before and i'm sure that i'm strong enough to accept any circumstances that might come to me later.

ok done! that's my good feeling today (the unexpected chance)

let's see what is my bad feeling for today:

this is the way i can describe my feeling (&%$#EH@#*G!>"}+_%#)
see how 'geram' i feel..put a lot of effort to come to the class and teach AT NIGHT..when i reached there, NOBODY, so i waited for half an hour, still NO SINGLE person! student came to me just to have a talk, i asked him 'where's form ***** , he said: diorg de class mate ...i was like (&%$@1#^78) ..i'm not there for nothing , do inform me if there are any changes in the schedule OK!

ok goes on!!!
love my life
no stress
i love my life!!!
small matter je la hehe


  1. Karate jer budak2 tu mun..hehe..kasik pengajaran..

  2. haha, x sampai hati plak rasanyer..dlm hati nk jugak karate hehe