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Monday, May 10, 2010

brain to think.. mind to segregate (-ve) from (+ve)

hari ni bnyk belajar benda br dlm kelas tools 4 thinking..

lecturer aku 2 mmg tol2 genius..dulu die prnh join MENSA "persatuan org yg punye IQ lbh dr 140" wow..m'gagumkn
itu r tanda kebesaran tuhan :)
i'm really2 interested to know further about "remote vision".. if i had such talent, i would discover everything in this world huhu

want to share sth: actually i think i hav 1 special thing that other person might have it too.. i notice that my "firasat/intuition" is so strong.. it happens many times. actually, i seem to know or predict that (e.g: i feel that someone is somewhere and when i reached in that particular place,and that person exactly there) wow it sounds interesting huhu but it happens spontaneously .it does not happen when i plan it huhu..

anyway, i got to know that there are lots of things that i still do not know happen in this world

thru learning we can acknowledge it one by one

such a great feeling having this opportunity..

ok stop talking about that

tomorrow i'll have comp test for driving so hoping that i will pass insyaAllah
also, i'll have BM presentation and the next day i'll have quiz for UNGS

hoping that this week will end smoothly..

*Semoga Tuhan Membimbing Ku...
Amin...... :)

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