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Saturday, May 7, 2011

..Just a ordinary opinion from an ordinary person..

bagaimana harus ku mulakan sesebuah ukiran rasa hati untuk memberi gambaran supaya dia mengerti
(it''s not easy to get people understand what we try to say cuz we are in separated body n soul)

Throughout reading many blog entries, I can sum up here that people are better in expressing themselves thru their heart rather than their mouth(speaking).
A silent person sometimes is very talkative inside bcuz their mind keeps spinning n judging while he's observing his surrounding. they just wanna reduce the effort of talking.
And writing is the best way to regurgitate what they saw.
We might come across with the blog or any site that judges , criticizes n somewhat insults an individual or group.
Personally, I think that it's better to criticizes people that way (in the way that that person never knows he/she is being criticized) rather than keep telling others that they're bad or what. at least we can avoid any fight n won't offense others.
BUT if most of the entries are about unsatisfactory, it is downright unacceptable.
Keep complaining without contributing any recommendation or solution is useless effort.
So, we just need a balanced life.
There's must be weakness somewhere.there cannot be consistently perfect.
Hence, again , we need a balanced life which is about accepting others' weakness and appreciating  others' strength.

love your life-Munira
seharusnya ku ukir rasa itu menurut apa yg hatiku zahirkn pada pandangan nilai sebuah kenyataan
(stand where you think that you will never fall)

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