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Thursday, May 19, 2011

randomly update

just want to shake my head n dig my brain to find any idea to say n share..i left my previous post hanging (it's stated there to be continued)..i just pasted all my paperArt works on the wall near my table which will lead to my mak's anger..(thanks God, my mak just smiled look at it, maybe it's because i'm the only budak lives in the house so i'm free to do anything i like haha) siap letak MUNIRA'S CORNER lg..don't let anyone interfere in my territory haha.. want to upload the pic but my fake DSLR still with my sister..tomorrow it will be home :D... i thought that the posters are done..still need some more editing..ok will finish it tonight n straight away email it coz i dont feel like making any poster right now ,i'm into crafting!! when i say i tngh gilerkn sth so i mls nk wat benda lain..moreover, i have found some useful blog on paper n card craft which make me can stop excess to the internet..cantik giler!!....

cantik giler??????
why we used to give such a positive adjective(cantik) to such a severely negative adverb(giler)
" i've got confused with tatabahasa n grammar right now"
ok2 leave aside my dizziness

please do not eat paracetamol quite often ok..not really good..just rub any wind oil (minyak angin) on your forehead :D

people used to say not me..those who have a large forehead is a clever it true??? what if we do plastic surgery to lengthen the forehead...haha... cleverness depends on your brain can't do plastic surgery to the brain!!!

my brain just received a signal to ask me to stop writing n do sth else :D

Until next time bloggies!!!!!! Assalamualaikum :D

love your life -Munira

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