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Saturday, May 14, 2011

To be in the center stage

It takes courage to be in the front and the center of attention. Once you step your feet to the stage, lots of eyes will look, glance, stare at you. They start to make judgement and they wonder how you will perform your credibility to the crowd. To gain trust from the audiences is the most crucial part ever in any presentation. It might be easy for someone who is well known enough by others. Lets put our shoes in someone who first time to be in the stage to perform or present. For this type of "lucky" person, you should not shiver a fright on it otherwise the rest of your presentation afterward will have the same expectation from the audience. You need to stand in the front reverently b'cuz you are there for noble purpose which is to share sth or to entertain someone, you're not killing someone anyway!! It is quite agonizing feeling when audiences seem ignoring you. However, put it this way, you are just at the beginning so you need to climb the audience-attention-stair slowly and step-by-step. Do not show that you are desperate to gain their interest. The best way to catch them is by catching their eyes. This is where eye contact comes into play. A presentation is merely a task of you so do not be exasperated to try again if you failed in the first place. You still have chance as long as you can feel that your heart beats.

mood: watching Maharaja Lawak :: not easy to satisfy others and it is so pathetic if you can't satisfy yourself::

love your life-Munira


  1. right......not easy to make people laugh..

  2. klu nk wat org ketawa kita kene jd kagum dgn awk sbb awk sgt senang b'kwn dgn sape2

  3. saya pun...awak ni banyak sangat memuji..terbukak rabak pintu neraka aku kang...hehe..sayakdg2 kesian giler kat amir...diakan tak banyak pengalamn..then masuk maharaja cam susah sikitlakan..bukan senang ooo..

  4. agak la..kesian kut kene gelak n kutuk dgn respect la kt dia sbb dia berani kn2