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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

semangat la sgt..

b4 i came home: i planned sooooooooooooooo many thingsssssssssssssssssssssssssss for sure
when i'm at home: the plans are GONE.. dont know where they go, i just couldnt find it

but, after almost a month of guling2 activity at home, now i have to reschedule all the activities that i should n must do.. so tired having a very long i just want to start my life back by this second
1-2-3 go!!!

ok first thing is to reschedule your sleep pattern hoho.. 
second is to start to do my BIG project as i have planned b4

i'm a person who cant stay longer at home bcuz boringness will be hunting me later
so, in this alomost-a-month holiday, i did main2 so that there will be something that can chill me up
cuz there are only me, mak n abah at home in the weekdays
so no one wants to play with me then i play sorg2 je la

i main2 making cookies named super-ring-choc
i advise u not to make this in numerous of quantity
i made only 4 n i took me 2 days to finish eating it

this is grilled shrimp
i love to watch AFC.  i totally get inspired by all the chefs like Anna Alson , Nigella and many more, you name it..i did this when helping my mun to look at her cooking shrimp, so i asked her few ekor of shrimp to main-main and i marinaded some shrimps with some spices and grilled them. i advise you to have more shrimps cuz it's damly delicious

dont know why i bought this choc. bcuz of that dont-know i hanged them in the fridge. i ate them after that of course . wasting is not good okay

this is milk jelly
i made this with my mum, who else, it's not gonna be my abah of course hoho
quite nice my abah likes it very much

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